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Have a problem with Samsung galaxy S4?

Here are some solutions for problems with Samsung S4 that i have faced and got it resolved ..

Problem - "Battery temperature too low/too high - Charging paused"

Solution that worked -

You can buy a external battery charger and charge your battery so that you wont get that message "charging paused" and your phone will get charged without any issues.

 External battery charger that i have bought would look like below -


Cost effective as external battery charger cost is reasonable.


You cannot use the mobile during charging..not even attend calls...:(

I have followed this method and resolved the problem. I have overcome the above disadvantage by buying one more battery, so that I can use one battery on my phone for use and  another battery on wall for charging.... ;)

Note: This may be a problem with thermistor in the USB charging board on your phone. You can go to a service centre and change the board.

Try this and let me know ur experience...!! :)
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